Jessica Wlodarski, founder and owner of Bark Boulevard, has been a long-time animal lover. Growing up with ten dogs, four hamsters, two birds, two sugar gliders and a plethora of strays she brought home regularly, Jessica was often referred to as Elly May Clampett (from The Beverly Hillbillies) or the Dog Whisperer by friends and family.

In college, Jessica studied Psychology and Spanish, with a particular interest in animal behavior and learning theory. Understanding how and why animals behaved the way they did sparked her need to one day work with animals.


After a brief stop in the nonprofit industry where she raised money for local and national causes, Jessica was looking for daytime care for her two dogs while she was off at work. Upon researching local doggy day cares and boarding facilities, she realized they often didn't offer the standard of care she was seeking. Thus, the idea of Bark Boulevard was born.


Jessica created Bark Boulevard with the simple goal of providing a safe, clean and engaging environment for families to send their beloved pets with peace of mind that their fur babies were well cared for and comfortable at all times.





Jessica is the owner and founder of Bark Boulevard. She has a dual Bachelors degree in Psychology and Spanish from Butler University in Indianapolis. When she's not at Bark Boulevard, Jessica spends a majority of her time outdoors, planning adventures with friends, family, and her furry sidekicks, Mikita, Savvy, and Rosie.



Zack is a full time Firefighter/Paramedic that spends his off time playing with and caring for the dogs at Bark Boulevard.  As a fellow animal lover, Zack grew up in a household of cats and is well trained on pet care.  In his free time, you can find him playing in the yard with his and Jessica's three dogs, Mikita, Savvy and Rosie.





Hi! I'm Mikita, named after Stan Mikita of the Chicago Blackhawks. My mom rescued me when she was still in college and needing a regular companion between classes and tests. Many of the things she learned in her psych behavior classes was first taught to me, so I know many tricks, especially how to play dead!  Though sometimes I use this trick when I am being stubborn. I am the mama of my family and tend to break up play when it gets too rough. I love to play tug and will bring you any toy I can find that you can pull on!




Hi! I'm Savvy, named after Dennis Savard of the Chicago Blackhawks. My mom and dad rescued me because my sister Mikita needed a friend and I was so darn cute. They still have trouble telling me no because of how cute I am, and I definitely use this to my advantage. You can find me at Bark Boulevard playing chase with smaller dogs and tormenting my older sister.  She still loves me, though! My favorite game is fetch and I will bark continually at you until you throw whatever toy I drop in front of you!




Hi! I'm Rosie, the newest member of the pack!  I'm a husky/pitbull mix that Jessie and Zack fell in love with and rescued.  I am super cuddly and LOVE to play with small dogs.  I let them win all the time but I still have a lot of fun wrestling around.  You can find me at Bark Boulevard trying to climb trees, hop fences, and cuddle with my owners throughout the day.


Monday - Friday

7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday

8:00 AM to 6:00 PM


(630) 601-9583



Lombard, IL 60148


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